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💥10-20% OFF SPC Flooring - Buy More, Save More! *All DECKO Tiles in stock!*
💥10-20% OFF SPC Flooring - Buy More, Save More! *All DECKO Tiles in stock!*
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DECKO Decking Tiles

Quick and Easy DIY install to Upgrade your Outdoors! Thousands of Highly satisfied customers did and confirmed their excitement also in public reviews. It is Different from competitors with tested Premium Solid Boards and adds long term value to your outdoors..

💥 Easy and Quick to install. Even 60 sqm in one hour

💥 DIY - No Glue, No Screws, No Professionals required

💥 Maintenance Free and Easy to Keep Clean.

💥 Waterproof, anti-slip, ideal even near pools.

💥 Pleasant Wood Feel Barefoot

💥 Advanced Self Interlocking System

💥 Strong Solid Boards - you can park your car on them

💥 Strong Base with 174 pins under each tile.

💥 Easy to cut with any wood cutting saw.

💥 Comes with 10 Years Warranty.

DECKO SPC Flooring

- Waterproof, Fireproof, Scratch Resistant and still offers PLEASANT FEEL when you walk on it, due to its outstanding features and padding included. They look as natural timber..

- We are launching the best indoor flooring on the market in 2022. The SPC - STONE POLYMER COMPOSITE HYBRID FLOORS are the most advanced indoor flooring solutions, way superior to any other VINYL, MDF or TIMBER based Floating Floors.

- Due to its features it is ideal to be used in areas with bushfires and floods as a safe flooring solution and even in commercial environments. The acoustic padding layer under the planks makes the walk on very pleasant, flexible.
The very unique and innovative waterproof skirting boards are pre-cut in factory to 45 degree so makes it easy to install and to glue them together to the exact required lengths.

- A DIY Toolbox provided is the right choice to make the install an easy process - so Do It Yourself - DIY and save on cost of expensive professionals. Easy, Quick install with outstanding outcomes.

Our DECKO Story

DECKO is a product that is child’s play to install, requires No Maintenance, and is designed to last in the harsh climates of Australia, USA and New Zealand, all while offering real sustainability.
Since our launch in 2013, we have taken pride in delivering only satisfaction to our customers, who are just as excited about their DECKO Tiles and outdoor transformations as we are.

Our customers love the cost-effective DIY solution that our tiles offer, allowing them to resurface old or new decks, concrete slabs, balconies, pavers, or even freshly tiled surfaces.

And we've listened to their demands for a product with similar benefits for indoor flooring, which is why we have introduced our premium DECKO SPC Hybrid Flooring range. This highly innovative product is Waterproof, Fireproof, highly Scratch-resistant, commercial grade durable, which means it can be installed without the need for a perfectly smooth surface thanks to its hard stone-polymer composite core. These features make DECKO SPC Hybrid flooring ideal for renovating tiled surfaces, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, and even vertical walls.

Today DECKO products are commercialised from fulfilment centres across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and most recently in the USA. With focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to sustainable building practices, we have become a preferred leader on the market, offering a range of products that are not only affordable and eco-friendly but also highly versatile and adaptable to many projects. Our continued success can be attributed to our vision and passion for providing high quality sustainable flooring solutions that are easy to install, maintain and accessible to everyone to DIY without professionals.


The best indoor flooring on the market in 2023. The SPC - STONE POLYMER COMPOSITE HYBRID FLOORS are the most advanced indoor flooring solutions, way superior to any other VINYL, MDF or TIMBER based Floating Floors.

  • Highly Scratch Resistant
  • Sandstone Based Hard Core
  • Underlay attached



How to lay our decking tiles? 40 sec video laying 63 sqm of tiles - (In average 1 minute requested for 1 sqm without cuts)

Thank you for choosing Decko's sustainable products for your project.

There is no perfect outdoor flooring product, but with Decko you can feel good in minimizing your negative environmental footprint, while enjoying its long list of advantages. Made from recycled hardwood and recycled HDPE plastics, the Decko composite material is the sustainable choice our future needs.

Outdoor Transformations with DECKO Tiles