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Waterproof  |  Fire Resistant  |  Scratchproof  |  Healthy Antibacterial Surface | Formaldehyde Free  |  High Wear and Dent Resistance  |  Nonslip and Pet Friendly


Waterproof  |  Fire Resistant  |  Scratchproof  |  Healthy Antibacterial Surface | Formaldehyde Free  |  High Wear and Dent Resistance  |  Nonslip and Pet Friendly

DECKO SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) Hybrid flooring is the most advanced and innovative type of rigid core indoor flooring product in Australia, perfect for any home, rental property, hotel, motel commercial fit-out, or shop.

The plank is 5mm thick containing a UV coat, wear layer, décor film layer, SPC core and EVA back padding. The SPC Core itself is made from 60% limestone, and the rest is Polyvinyl Chloride and plasticizers.

Did you know: You can lay DECKO SPC Hybrid Flooring inside ShowersBathrooms, and Kitchens! The flooring was tested and proven compliant for New Zealand Building Code Clause E3 Internal Moisture.

This is a game changer, being able to renovate your bathroom and other wet areas in a unique and modern way, with perfect wood imitation flooring that can even be placed on walls. The best part is that this can be done DIY, with no grouting or professional tile work to be done! A copy of the test performed can be found below.

SPC Flooring Skirting System Exclusive to DECKO!

DECKO offers a DIY friendly skirting waterproof boards precut at 45 degrees that can be glued together onsite to the required length and shape using super glue for plastic.

With this technology, you can achieve elegant and neat finishes without the need to involve professionals.


New Zealand Stock

Our products are stocked in Auckland. We do same day dispatch, do our best to get you the best shipping costs and offer free pick up too.

10 Years Warranty

All Decko products, including SPC Hybrid Flooring, comes with 10 years warranty for your peace of mind. Since 2013, we have had no warranty issues.

5-star Reviews

Our customers say it best. We take pride in the quality of our products and service, and we are always happy to go the extra mile for our customers.

Free Samples »

Want to see the flooring before you buy? Order your free sample to pick a colour and see the quality of the planks before you place a big order.

100% Waterproof

Unlike other products that claim to be waterproof but are actually only water-resistant, Decko SPC Hybrid Flooring truly is 100% waterproof from our bottom acoustic padding to our topmost UV Coating Layer, and every layer in between. Because our flooring is an SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) product, and is filled with stone dust as opposed to wood or bamboo, there is virtually no material that absorbs water.

Waterproof indoor flooring SPC Hybrid
DIY Hybrid flooring

DIY Installation & A DIY Kit Available to order

95% of our customers install themselves. No professionals needed to install.

A DIY Toolbox specifically made for the DECKO SPC Hybrid Flooring is available to order. It's meant to assist you with the DIY installation and to provide a convenient package that can help you avoid unnecessary spending on expensive tools.

Fire Proof

Decko SPC Hyrbid Flooring is fire proof. We designed our flooring to be safe and to provide you with peace of mind. The floor planks have a top coating that prevents the spread of fire. 

We have designed a durable product engineered to withstand fire, water, scratches and UV. That is why we confidently offer a 10-year warranty.

fire resistant flooring
anti acratch flooring

Scratch & Dent Resistent

Decko SPC Hybrid Flooring is protected from scratches and sunlight fading by its commercial-grade UV coating layer. Its SPC vinyl core allows it to maintain its structural integrity under extremely heavy weight. Our product is also designed to withstand the temperature extremities of every season and has no acclamation period, making an already easy install even easier.

Non Slip & Pet Friendly

DECKO understands that our furry friends are part of the family and that's why we designed our products with them in mind. DECKO SPC Hybrid Flooring is pet friendly and is resilient to scratching, mud, and is 100% free from harsh chemicals, including formaldehyde!

Our flooring is also very easy to clean, thanks to it's superior waterproof and anti-scratch properties.

non slip flooring
anti acratch flooring

Antibacterial, Children Safe & Eco-Friendly

Decko SPC Flooring is formaldehyde free. We don’t  compromise your safety or standards.

It's 100% free from harmful chemicals just like any other Decko product. It's our brand's philosopy to offer only 100% safe and eco-friendly products that are sourced very carefully and designed to meet out standards.

Easy Click Installation

At DECKO, the entire flooring process can be completely DIY, with the SPC planks having seamless interlocking edges, a special easy to install skirting system with 45-degree pre-cut ends for easy and strong hidden joins and a DIY Toolbox to help cuts and install.

DECKO spc hybrid flooring

DECKO SPC Hybrid Flooring Review & Installation Guide Video

DECKO SPC Flooring Options

Only 4, but the Most Popular Colours. Order your sample pack by clicking here.

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grigio indoor spc hybrid flooring
7 Top Reasons for DECKO SPC

A quick summary of the advantages of the outstanding DECKO SPC Hybrid flooring.

legno indoor spc flooring
DECKO Photo Gallery

Browse our SPC flooring photos and our outdoor tiles photo gallery for inspiration and new ideas.

What sets DECKO apart?

Best shipping rates

We work hard to provide our clients with non expensive shipping costs.

New Zealand Local Company

We are Local company registered in New Zealand. NZBN: 9429048907439

Friendly Pre-sales Support

We pride ourselves in the level of customer service we offer, before and after the sale.

Competitive Prices

As an online business we aim to deliver a great quality product at a competitive price.

We offer pre-sales customer service via our contact form, or via email, WhatsApp, messenger or by texting or calling us on +61466878023.

We are happy to answer any question related to the nature of the product, the shipping process, how many planks you will need, or any other information in order to provide you with the best shopping experience.

We offer FREE DESIGN and advice on the best install practices.

Send your site photos and area sizes to advise you on the design options and to share the  best practices for your custom project. 

We bring you the best shipping rates by tendering multiple freighters. If you are unhappy with the freight costs automatically quoted at the checkout, please get in touch and let us try to find a better freight quote based on your address and order details.

Our Customers Say:

"The best products on the Market, LOVE Decko"


Have a look at some of our reviews!

Frequently Asked Questions

10 planks in 1 box, covering 2.23 sqm
No, this is one of the advantages of the product - it is a DIY install. Very quick and easy to click in like a lego. Buy the DIY Toolbox to make the installation easier. Watch this video for detailed instructions on the DIY installation.
The dimension of a DECKO SPC plank is 1220/183/5 mm. Use the SPC Flooring Area Calculator to know the exact amount of planks or boxes required for your area, or get in touch and we will be more than happy to help!
Depends on your location and the quantity ordered. Our stock is located in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, and can be shipped all over Australia. We will need your postcode and suburb along with the number of tiles you will order to provide you with a quote, or you can get it calculated at checkout. For large shipments and remote areas, we are tendering the freighters and regularly receive competitive rates. Contact us if the shipping cost at checkout is too high. We will do our best to get the best shipping ates available on the market for you. You can also pick up for free from our warehouses.
Our SPC floor planks feel and look like real wood but it's better because it comes without the cons of the real wood and without impacting the environment. By buying Decko SPC Flooring you will g You can order a free sample or a sample box with full refund including the return shipping on us if you decided not to proceed.
Decko SPC Hybrid Flooring are anti-slip and are also much better than other indoor floor coverings, regardless of the footwear you own.
Yes happy to assist to choose the right designs and colours. We will advise you on design ideas as well. Send your area sizes preferably as a photo of a hand scketch of your rooms and photos of your space by email -
he plank is 5mm thick containing a UV coat, wear layer, décor film layer, SPC core and EVA back padding. The SPC Core itself is made from 60% limestone, and the rest is Polyvinyl Chloride and plasticizers.
Decko offer a 10-year warranty on its products.
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