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DECKO Tiles Installation Guide

Firstly, please watch the following video, as it is the most efficient way to acquire information:

These guidelines are recommendations and it is our customers liability to undertake the installation with caution and safety to prevent any accidents during install.

Pre-install checks:

  • The outdoor area you will be laying DECKO Tiles on is a hard and flat ground such as: concrete, pavers, existing wooden deck, hard packed road base etc.
    • Dirt/Grass areas can be prepared for DECKO Tiles by removing the grass layer; laying road base gravel; compacting this road base gravel; and laying weed-mat down over it.
  • You have calculated, or have gotten a calculation done by us on the exact number of tiles you need. Try our online Tile Calculator Tool: Outdoor Tiles Area Calculator — DECKO Tiles NZ
  • Your outdoor area has adequate drainage
  • Choose a design to lay your tiles: all inline, checkered or any other creative pattern you can think of.


Installation of DECKO Tiles is simple, quick, and normally does not require any glue, screws, fasteners or specialty tools, only a wood cutting tool of your choice (handsaw, circular saw, jigsaw, drop saw etc.) to make cuts at the end of your area.

  • Choose the best corner to start from, usually it is best to begin with the most exposed outside corner of your area - start with ramp edges if you have these - and make your way in toward the building. Make cuts at the walls to hide the cut sides of the tiles.
  • Place each tile and edge piece one by one, interlocking them into each other. The interlocking system is symmetric so all sides can interlock into all others, meaning you can choose whatever design you like for your area.
  • Lay all the full tiles first, leaving the tiles that require cuts last, such as ones against walls, edges, posts etc.
  • Make cuts as required, and make sure to check if any off-cuts can be reused at another location, as our quotes consider offcuts larger than a 1/2 tile to be reused.
    • For straight cuts a circular saw, handsaw, dropsaw or similar is recommended; for curved cuts or complex cuts use a jigsaw or similar.
    • Before making a cut, please check the cutline on the bottom of the tile, to make sure there are no screws in the way, if there are, please remove them prior to making the cut.
  • You may wish to use DECKO Tiles as fascia, or to cover existing stairs. In this case you will require "Liquid Nail" glue or similar.
    • Use many 'dots/blobs' of glue on the bottom of each tile to stick each one on the vertical surface or stairs.
    • There are many ways of overlapping the horizontal and vertical tiles for a beautiful outcome, below are a couple of photos for inspiration:

  • After installing, it is recommended to hose down or pressure wash the tiles as this will help in removing a layer of dust left on the surface from the factory. Especially on covered areas this can leave sediment marks after a light rain.



Safety First - Handling & Care of DECKO Tiles: Our 12.5 kg carton boxes contain up to 11 tiles and it is safe to handle and transport in this way. The carton boxes are manufactured in an eco-friendly way from recycled paper. Please recycle the boxes by disposing of them at your local card board recyclers or placing them in the recycling bin.

When tiles are stacked on top of each other during install they can slip, so do not walk on stacked, piled or loose tiles. 

Please store DECKO tiles in the box in a dry area until installation to keep the integrity of the boxes for handling, even though the product inside is waterproof. 

Skin contact: If skin or hair comes in contact with dust from the product, wash with soap and water.

Eye contact: If dust enters the eyes, wash out immediately with water. In all cases of eye contamination, it is a sensible precaution to seek medical advice.