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💥10-20% OFF SPC Flooring - Buy More, Save More! *All DECKO Tiles in stock!*
💥10-20% OFF SPC Flooring - Buy More, Save More! *All DECKO Tiles in stock!*

WPC Deck Tiles

Discover the Revolution: WPC Deck Tiles by Decko

A blend of beauty, durability, and ease for your outdoor spaces

What is WPC

WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite, a groundbreaking material that combines the best of wood and plastic. It offers unparalleled durability and aesthetics for outdoor decking solutions.

It contains 55% of wood, 35% Recycled Plastic and 10% of Anti-UV, Anti-oxidation and Bonding agents. 

Why Choose WPC Deck Tiles Over Traditional Options?

WPC Deck Tiles

  • Weather-resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Doesn't rot or splinter
  • Sustainable & eco-friendly
  • Longer lifespan

Traditional Wooden Decks

  • Susceptible to weathering
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Can rot and splinter over time
  • Unsustainable logging concerns
  • Shorter lifespan

Why Decko Tiles are the Preferred Choice

Crafted from high-quality WPC, Decko Tiles offer the charm of wood with the durability of plastic, ensuring your decks remain stunning for years.

  • Feels and looks like wood, thanks to it being made from 55% wood and the rest recycled HDPA plastics and bonding agents.

  • Tiles have solid composite wood boards, made as a premium product (1.14kg/Tile).

  • R10 Slip Rating:Safe to use around pools!

Transform Your Space with Decko's Aesthetic Brilliance

It's not just about durability. Decko Tiles are designed to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces. Experience aesthetics like never before

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