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Ikea Runnen Tiles


Decko Premium Tiles

Ikea Runnen Plastic Tiles

Ikea Runnen Plastic Tiles
  • Feels and looks like plastic as it is made 100% from plastic.
  • Cheap, light, thin and hollow construction - only 0.33kg/tile!

  • Like many plastics it can be slippery when wet.

Decko Premium Tiles

wht Decko tiles are better than Ikea tiles
  • Feels and looks like wood, thanks to it being made from 55% wood and the rest recycled HDPA plastics and bonding agents.
  • Tiles have solid composite wood boards, made as a premium product. 1.14kg/tile

  • R10 Slip Rating: Safe to use around pools!

Ikea Runnen Timber Tiles

Ikea Runnen Timber tiles
  • Requires all the maintenance of a timber deck: Staining, sanding, oiling and painting.
  • They generate a lot of wastage due to the assymetric clip system.

Decko Premium Tiles

why Decko tiles are better tha Ikea timber tiles
  • Maintenance free: no oiling, painting, staining required ever.
  • There is a lot of room with these tiles to create creative designs as shown at the bottom of this page.

Ikea Runnen's Clipping system is limited in not being able to interlock any side to any side, but only selected sides, which often makes offcuts not reusable.

Our customers often replace their IKEA Runnen tiles with DECKO Premium Tiles.

Other WPC Decking Tile

  • Long deck tiles have the disadvantage of easily bending and warping in strong sunlight.

  • Has all disadvantages of timber: termites, rotting, high maintenance and losing attractive look over time.

Decko Premium Tiles

  • Decko’s smaller square tiles naturally are a lot less prone to bending and warping.

  • Termite resistant, doesn’t rot, waterproof and keeps the same attractive look over time.

Other tiles offer much more difficult installation and offcuts cannot be reused
  • This asymmetric clipping system only allows pinned sides to go into the sides with holes, which can make installation a pain, and offcuts non-reusable. This clipping system is actually the same as Decko’s Standard Tiles, which we are now moving away from.
Decko Tiles installation is easy and ffcuts can be used.
  • Decko Premium Tiles have an advanced symmetric clipping system that allows any side of the tile to join up with any other. This makes offcuts reusable and decking tiles easier to install, especially in a criss-cross pattern.

Lightened WPC Decking tiles:

Ikea tiles  are hollow same as competitors tiles
  • Weight is around 800 grams.

  • These tiles look like Decko Premium Tiles, but the construction is lightened, as seen in the cut-out side profile.
  • Being lighter makes them cheaper to buy, import, ship and store, but decreases their life span.

  • The cut outs on the bottom of the boards makes them un-symmetric in its horizontal axis, which makes it much more prone to deformation with long sunlight exposure on top and water on the bottom.

Decko Premium Decking Tiles:

Decko tiles are solid leading to better durability
  • Weight is 1140 grams.

  • Solid rectangular side profile, no corners cut in manufacture.
  • Heavier tiles, costs slightly more to buy, import, ship and store but are longer lasting. You get what you pay for.

  • No cut outs, solid and rectangular boards, with symmetric cross section of boards. Less likely to deform due to long sunlight exposure.

Roll up synthetic grass:

Decko grass tiles vs roll up synthetic grass
  • Sits directly on the ground. Sponge-like characteristics makes it soggy and wet for a long time.
  • Barely resembles real grass. Carpet-like look. Uni-coloured fibres.

  • Requires professional’s work and special substrate.

Decko Grass Tiles:

Decko grass tile
  • Elevated off the ground by supports to allow for water drainage underneath, leaving the top surface dry to walk on.
  • Very closely resembles real grass. 25mm tall and multi-coloured fibres.

  • Can DIY, no professionals required!

Decko tiles are better than Ikea tiles

Any creative and beautiful pattern can be laid thanks to Decko’s advanced symmetric clipping system!

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